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Rescue training is about much more than just the best way to save the rescuee; public safety and the health and welfare of the rescue crew are of paramount importance. In order to facilitate a comprehensive training programme, it is essential to have access to appropriate training equipment.


Resquip Limited exists to provide high quality, versatile, and affordable rescue training equipment to the Emergency Services, Training Organisations, and all those involved in the provision of Rescue and Disaster Management training programmes.

This year we are developing a number of new products designed for rescue training purposes but we are always on the lookout for new inspiration and innovation so if you have any suggesstions for training or education projects please get in touch and we will happily discuss your requirements.


Resquip is a UK based company. In 2008 our parent organisation Big Beast Ltd decided to design, develop and build a life sized, fully articulated, mannequin horse for use as a training dummy by the Fire and Rescue Services across the UK and USA.

The first production version was supplied to UK’s Hampshire Fire and Rescue for field testing. Several versions later we are proud of the difference the mannequin horse is making to fire services all over the world. Numerous veterinary schools are using them for teaching aids.

Global sales of the rescue mannequin have seen the mannequin travel as far as Europe, USA and Australia. This is the pre-eminent mannequin for training at all levels (Awareness through training).

Resquip is branching out and researching other products to offer to the services. From mannequins to mechanical design; the design team is open to suggestions and demands of the industry.

“Rescue scenarios are various but public safety is paramount.”