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Remote injection jabstick, for the safe administration of sedatives, antibiotics and vaccines. Silently powered by compressed gas, no loud clicks or bangs to distress the animal. Each compact cylinder capable of 30 cycles using a maximum syringe size of 20ml. Jabstick extends to 2.40metres, light and easy to handle. Ideal for large animals, including horses and "dangerous" restrained dogs.



The mannequin horse has lifting & pulling eyes that enable easy placement into challenging scenarios. The mannequin is virtually watertight and can be used in water/bog rescue.

The horse is built with particular emphasis on making it as life-like as possible: mimicking joint articulation, muscle definition and tones. All these features help the emergency services to train using a model as close to the real thing as possible. The Resquip Mannequin has been engineered in such a fashion that it is possible to lock his legs, meaning it can stand unsupported on its own hooves; essential for many rescue training situations, particularly those involving water and mud entrapment.

Construction: The body is made from a high quality abrasion resistant polymer and is based around a laser precision cut metal skeleton; all exposed metalwork is galvanised to increase resistance to corrosion. The mannequin comes supplied with a castor trolley for movement around a yard and the option to upgrade to the pneumatic wheeled trolley for more challenging terrain.

Horse photoResquip horseTraining horse


The glide mat system is designed to be versatile not only in the field, but to suit a wide variety of vehicles. The main feature of the glide mat system is its modular system; enabling mats to be stored flat packed and assembled on site via 2 quick connections. The main components to this system are the spreader bar, featuring a kick up for riding over rough terrain and the glide mat itself. The glide mat has matching location holes on all 4 sides; meaning the spreader bar can be attached and pulled on any side. If the object is too big for 1 mat, the mats can be joined together; offering almost double the original mat area. The material used is of highest quality giving great resistance to wear, huge strength and fantastic weight advantages over other plastics. Resquip offer a heavy duty and light duty versions to suit applications. The standard size is 1.2x2.4, however for a small one off fee, the customer can have custom size made (Within the CNC Cutting bed) to suit their needs.

Glide Mat photoGlide Mat photoGlide Mat photo

In Development


The sculpt of the Resquip cow is complete and is ready to be adapted into a mannequin form. Very much like the horse, the cow will offer realistic joint movement, offer removable horns (although technically not correct for the bread, it is an option to add in training, to make aware of horned bulls) and a realistic udder. Currently we are developing the cow for large animal rescue, but the internal metalwork will be designed in such a way, that if there is a demand in the veterinary service we can incorporate organs to make AI possible. Hoping to be released for sale Summer 2013.

Cow photo


With obesity rising Resquip are developing a fully articulated obese human mannequin with lifelike flesh, movements and features. The mannequin will be designed to help the services move people of this nature safely and with as much dignity as possible.

Bariatric photo


Requip are looking to offer a versatile quick release hook that: has a large opening to take standard slings, self-locks on closure, a simple release mechanism and accessible parts for maintenance.

Resquip has access to a custom sling and ratchet maker who is willing to help us develop along with the services, new and better designed slings to suit a variety of applications.